If you have a resort, hotel, diving centre, wind/kite centre, travel agency, tour operator or any other travel oriented business, we can help you increase your online sales.

how it works:

  • 1Provide us with information about your services.
  • 2Provide us with your price list.
  • 3We will enter all of your data online for you, so you can view each of your offers online, before we launch them live.
  • 4When a customer finds your offer online, they add it to their shopping basket, enter their billing information and then enter their Visa or MasterCard into the secure payment page provided by Barclay’s UK e-payment service.
  • 5When the payment is completed, the customer receives an automated confirmation email, detailing the items that they purchased and the contact details of the supplier.
  • 6You receive a similar automated email, with the details of the customer, what they booked and how to contact them.
  • 7Spot Local deducts the pre-agreed commission amount from the customer’s payment and transfers the balance to your bank account.

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